Code review is an ongoing process, and one that should be integrated into your development workflow. Code reviews don’t just make for better code now; they push your team to write better code in the future. For more information about reviewing code, take a look at the How to review Full Project applications page on and the pages it links to.

Coder is the code review module. The name coder has a double meaning: a “coder” is obviously someone who writes code, and “code-r” is short for “code review”.

Coder Sniffer is the part of Coder that can be run standalone from the command line and can be integrated with many IDEs.

Simple Bash script to automatically review project applications. It takes a Git repository URL as argument, clones the code in a “pareview_temp” folder and runs some checks. Alternatively it takes a path to a module/theme project and checks that. The output is suitable for an attachment in the Project Applications issue queue.
Online version

There is an online version of
Development is developed on Github, please use pull requests and report issues on Github.

A Bash shell environment (tested on Ubuntu, should also work on Macs)
Coder 7.x-2.x + PHP_CodeSniffer, see installation instructions


Examples: 6.x-1.x sites/all/modules/rules

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